Minnesota Vikings Must Make Wide Receiver No. 1 Position Need in 2013

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who watched the Minnesota Vikings for more than a quarter in 2012, could tell you that the team has some issues at wide receiver. Outside of Percy Harvin, things were very bleak for the purple and gold. The remaining members of the unit were very sporadic with positive plays, and game after game, things just didn’t get going through the air.

After all the gossip regarding Harvin’s status with the team, it seems as if the Vikings have even more questions at wide out than they did a few months ago.

Veteran Michael Jenkins and second-year player Jarius Wright are the only two contributors (not named Harvin) that are still under contract heading into 2013.

Wright will be back, as he showed some very good potential last season, but Jenkins (30) could easily be a casualty with only one year left on his current contract.

It’s real simple at this point – get better receivers, or don’t make progress as a team. The Vikings aren’t going deep into the playoffs without better receivers.

The revamp process should start here in a couple weeks with free agency on March 12th. Minnesota should bring in at least one, if not two, proven receivers. Once the depth chart is more firmly established, then it’s time to go to work in the draft.

I don’t think too many fans would complain if Minnesota went after a receiver in the first round, or if they decided to take another one later in the rounds as well. There’s no such thing as acquiring too many receivers in 2013 for the Vikings.

The team did too little to upgrade its receiver corps last season, and it was very noticeable on the field. The Vikings had no passing game at times in 2012, and if that happens again this year, the end result will also be the same.


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