Will the Dallas Cowboys Take A Quarterback Early In the 2013 NFL Draft?

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Dallas Cowboys need to draft a quarterback of the future. Actually, there are also people who believe the Cowboys should drop Tony Romo and pick a quarterback high in the 2013 NFL draft. Apparently Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones isn’t among that group. Here is what he told ESPNDallas.com:

“We’ve never been opposed to drafting young quarterbacks…We drafted Stephen McGee. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for us, but in my mind – and we’ve not gone over this in detail, Jerry and myself – but I can’t imagine we wouldn’t take a quarterback if the right guy is there, just like we did Stephen. I don’t necessarily see us using our first round pick or second round pick on one, but after, depending on who might be there, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

So it doesn’t look good for those of you who want the Cowboys to draft Tony Romo‘s successor high in this draft and at first glance it seems like a wise move. This draft is weak on can’t-miss quarterback prospects, but I do think the Cowboys should certainly draft a quarterback somewhere in the draft, even if its in the early rounds. The Cowboys organization cannot close their minds to drafting good quarterback talent just because they have a known commodity in Romo. It’s that type of thinking that has led to too many failed draft classes and left the Cowboys roster void of talent.

I know the Cowboys have more pressing issues and they certainly need to shore up both lines first, but the NFL is built around the quarterback position and they need to address the position with a young player. I don’t care when they do it, but Dallas needs to draft a quarterback and the only thing that should matter is the player, not the round.

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