Oakland Raiders: Who should stay and who should go?

By Jeremy Hayes
Shane Lechler
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders will have to make a lot of moves this off-season to even have a shot at contending with the best next season. Free agency will be key for the Raiders in deciding what players should stay and who needs to go.

The following players are unrestricted free agents:

  • Shane Lechler, Punter
  • Matt Leinart, Quarterback
  • Mike Goodson, Running Back
  • Derek Hagan, Wide Receiver
  • Brandon Myers, Tight End
  • Cooper Carlisle, Guard
  • Khalif Barnes, Offensive Tackle
  • Desmond Bryant, Defensive Tackle
  • Richard Seymour, Defensive Tackle
  • Andre Carter, Defensive End
  • Omar Gaither, Linebacker
  • Joselio Hansen, Cornerback
  • Matt Giordano, Safety
  • Phillip Adams, Cornerback
  • Mike Mitchell, Safety
  • Matt Shaughnessy, Defensive End
  • Philip Wheeler, Linebacker
  • Shawntae Spencer, Cornerback

Out of the key players they need to keep, Myers is the most important at tight end. He led in receptions last season, but has also shown that he can be a legitimate threat to score on offense. Another important special teams player is Lechler. This is a no-brain signing, simple and cheap.

Other players they should resign are: Goodson, Wheeler, Hansen, Adams and Bryant.

The rest of the pack should simply be released and be allowed to sign with other teams. It probably would have been smart to trade Seymour last year (for literally even a late round pick), but now the Raiders will most likely have to look away from the big contract and look at cheaper defensive tackles or draft one with the third pick overall in the NFL Draft.

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