Should Tennessee Titans Grab a Quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft?

By Kent Whitaker
Titan Quarterbacks
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans finished out the season with a banged up starting quarterback and an offense plan that was past the point of being predictable. After a dismal season racked with injuries, the questions leading into the 2013 NFL Draft are numerous for the Titans.

Now that Tennessee Coach Mike Munchak has filled out the rest of his coaching staff, the work begins on plugging the holes and positional needs on draft day. Will the Titans look to bolster their quarterback situation? I don’t think they need to, but for some reason I feel as if there’s a good chance another QB will be brought into the Music City locker room.

Jack Locker took a pounding last year and ended up having offseason work done on his injured shoulder. Yes, there were flashes of brilliance from Locker during parts of the season; and yes, there were less than stellar moments from him as well.

The good news is that Locker seemed to progress some as his shoulder healed. He also seemed to take on more of a leadership role in keeping his team in some of the later games despite the record. The other good news is that the Titans have a great backup in Matt Hasselbeck and he’s willing to take a salary cut to stay with Tennessee. That gives the Titans two solid leaders.

I think the best thing the Titans can do to improve the play of their quarterbacks is to fix the problems with the offensive line. No matter how great your gunslinger is, eventually the defense is going to get to him. In Tennessee’s case that happen too often.

In my opinion Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck provide the Titans with a solid duo at the quarterback position. Now it’s time to offer them some protection.

Kent Whitaker is a member of NASCAR media, sports writer covering NASCAR and the NFL, author and culinary writer. You can follow him @thekentwhitaker on twitter.

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