What Did Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Learn This Season?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After every season Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo usually says two things: he tells us what he learned from the season, and what he needs to work on in the off-season. Since the Cowboys 2012 campaign has ended though, Romo has stayed quiet, and we haven’t heard a peep about what he learned about last season. Well, allow me to take a shot at what Romo might be thinking.

There were a few lessons that Romo can take from his 2012 season, and the first one was that he can trust wide receiver Dez Bryant. It didn’t seem that way for the first two years in his career, but something clicked in Bryant and he took off around mid-season. Ironically, that’s also when Romo started playing his best football. In Bryant’s amazing seven-game stretch where he was dominating defenses, the Cowboys had a record of 5-2.

During that same stretch, Romo played some of his best football throwing 16 touchdowns against just three interceptions, with 10 of those touchdowns going to Bryant, so it’s fair to say Romo finally trusts Bryant.

The other lesson that Romo learned from this past season is one that he’s had to learn before but one he still needs to work on: he can’t do everything for the Cowboys. Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said as much last week when he spoke to the media about Romo.

“I think that happened a lot this year, that he tried to do too much,” Wilson said. “He tried to make up for mistakes and trying to convert third-and-longs. It leads to bad plays.”

I think that is something every Cowboys fan knew about Romo, but it’s also a lesson everyone thought Romo had already learned. After all, in 2011 Romo did throw 31 touchdowns against only 10 interceptions, so it appeared as though Romo had learned from his past mistakes.

However, if there’s one thing we all know about Tony Romo, it’s that he has the mentality that says he can make every play. We love him for it, but it also continues to haunt Romo and the saying goes, ‘the same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry.’

No one understands that you can’t do everything more than Tony Romo and he’s learned from it in the past, he just has to educate himslef on it again. Romo is under so much pressure and no one wants to win more than he does, but he has to know that he can’t do it all. That’s what Tony Romo needs to work on this off-season because if he doesn’t, the Cowboys don’t have a chance.

At some point, we’ll hear from Tony Romo again and don’t be surprised if you hear some of these words coming from him. He knows what he needs to work on this off-season, and Cowboys fans everywhere are hoping he works his butt off.

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