10 Reasons Why New York Giants and New York Jets Won’t Be In Super Bowl In 2014

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10 Reasons Why New York Giants and New York Jets Won't Make It To The Super Bowl

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The 2012 Super Bowl is barely in the rearview mirror and already people are moving on to the 2013 NFL season. And everyone except Baltimore Ravens fans are hoping it gets here as fast as it can because they want a shot at getting the Lombardi Trophy. Actually, there are some people, myself included unless the Dallas Cowboys win it all, who think the 2013 season begins with the combine so for fans of 31 teams, welcome to a new NFL year!

It’s that magical time where everyone gives their team a glimmer of hope in 2013, and if you don’t believe it, ask fans of the San Francisco 49ers two years ago when after they were horrendous for years and then were so close to playing in the Super Bowl. In this day and age teams can turn it around quickly so there is no reason not to be optimistic at this point. With the exception of two teams actually, the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

Unfortunately for those two teams, they have relatively no shot at making the playoffs, never mind playing in the Super Bowl. I know it sounds crazy but history is telling us this and history never lies and always repeats itself. If you’re asking yourself why I’m so sure they won’t play in the Super Bowl? Well, luckily for you I have the answer and it comes down to a common denominator, Met Life Stadium. No team has ever played the Super Bowl in their home stadium and even worse, the past 12 teams haven’t qualified for the playoffs.

Please don’t act like the stadium’s that host the game don’t have a chance because they have. Here now are the past 10 seasons where the home team has had a shot at playing in their stadium for the Super Bowl but failed to deliver:

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10. Reliant Stadium

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In 2003, the Houston Texans weren’t a very good team finishing at 5-11. They had only been in existence for a few years so it wasn’t likely they would be playing at home in Reliant Stadium for the Super Bowl but they did improve their record from the prior season.

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9. Everbank Stadium

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The 2004 season ended with the Super Bowl being played in Jacksonville at Alltel Stadium, where the Jaguars went 9-7 but missed the playoffs that year. In 2003, the Jags were 5-11, so they were much improved.

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8. Ford Field

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Ford Field held the Super Bowl in 2005 season and the Lions went 5-11, which was actually a game worse than the previous season. They didn’t have a legitimate shot at making the Super Bowl.

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7. Sun Life Field

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The Miami Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium held the Super in the 2006 season and the Dolphins were 6-10 and obviously missed the playoffs that year. A season earlier, they went 9-7, so it was possible they would have made the Super Bowl.

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6. University of Phoenix Stadium

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In 2007 the Arizona Cardinals went 8-8 and missed the playoffs when the season ended at the University of Phoenix Stadium. They were just 5-11 in the season prior, which was the year of Denny Green’s magical “the Bears are who we thought they were” speech. Not related to the story at all but it’s still funny!

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5. Raymond James Stadium

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Here’s where it gets interesting, the 2008 season ended in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium. The Buccaneers finished 9-7 that year but lost their last four games and missed out on the playoffs. It cost Jon Gruden his job and the Bucs went 9-7 the season prior but that was enough to win the NFC South so there was a realistic chance they could have played at home for the Super Bowl.

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4. Sun Life Stadium

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The 2009 season ended in Miami again and the Miami Gardens was site of the Super Bowl. The Dolphins finished 7-9 just a season after winning the AFC East division with an 11-5 record the year before so they could very well have played for the title in their own building.

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3. Cowboys Stadium

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The 2010 season saw the Super Bowl played at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The Cowboys finished 6-10 that year, just one year removed from an 11-5 record, a division title and their first playoff win in years. There were one of the favorites to make the Super Bowl in their home stadium but it obviously didn’t happen.

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2. Lucas Oil Stadium

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Lucas Oil Stadium ended the 2011 season and the Indianapolis Colts finished the year at 2-14 without Payton Manning. The season prior to that, the Colts went 10-6 and won their division. The Colts were always Super Bowl contenders with Manning at the helm and no one knew he would miss the entire season.

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1. Superdome

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This past season, ended in New Orleans where the Saints missed the playoffs with a 7-9 record. A season prior they went 13-3 and won the NFC South title so it was very possible they could have played in their home stadium, the Superdome, for the Super Bowl. Of course Bountygate stopped all of that and the Ravens went on to win it all.

Add it all up and the team hosting the Super Bowl has a record of 64-96 in the past 10 years and none have even made the playoffs. So again, good luck Giants and Jets fans, just don’t expect your team to make it to the Super Bowl at Met Life Stadium to end the 2013 season.