Dallas Cowboys fan loses bet, must name her son after Washington Redskins star

By Marian Hinton
Geoff Burke: USA TODAY Sports

Relationships are hard, and if the two partners cheer for rival teams it becomes darn near impossible. Just ask Emanuel Vega and his girlfriend Marissa Pena.

Any fan of the NFL will tell you that there is no love lost between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, and perhaps none understands that better than these two.

Vega, though a native Texan, is a lifelong Redskins fan while Pena is a lifelong fan of the Dallas Cowboys. The two have known each other for years but only recently started dating. The couple decided that, in honor of watching their first Cowboys vs. Redskins match-up as a couple, they would make the game more interesting. The only problem is that some bets are too dangerous to make, and Pena would soon learn that the hard way.

The young couple had recently discovered that they were expecting their first child, and Vega came up with the wager that the fan of the winning team could name the child. Sounds harmless enough. That is until Pena upped the ante, claiming that she would name the baby boy “Troy Aikman Vega” or “Emmitt Smith Vega.”

Pena, however, was having none of that, later telling the Washington Post, ” I would die if my son grew up to be a Cowboys fan. That’d be awful. I don’t even know how I’d feel.”

Nevertheless, the couple agree to the bet with the stipulation that they could each get one “veto.”

Vega vetoed “Emmitt Vega,” while Pena vetoed “Darrell Green Vega.”

Needless to say that on Thanksgiving Day, the Redskins went on to defeat the Cowboys, and as a result, instead of “Miles Austin Vega”, the couple will welcome none other than “Robert Griffin Vega” into the world this April.

Pena has no intention of going back on her word however, claiming that, “All is fair in love and war….I don’t like the Redskins, but I love his dad, so….”


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