Lomas Brown: Former Detroit Lions Comments on Leadership Ridiculous

By Chris Katje
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Detroit Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown made the news earlier this year after some comments about former teammate Scott Mitchell. Brown was in the news again for comments he made about the current batch of Detroit NFL players.

Brown was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions as a Lion from 1985 to 1995. In Brown’s 11 seasons, he played in 164 games and was one of the leaders on the team’s offensive line that helped block for Barry Sanders. While at the annual ceremony, Brown called out the current Detroit Lions.

When asked about how the 2013 Lions would perform Brown had this to say, “Until they get the locker room straight, it’s going to be like this. What I mean by getting the locker room straight, Coach (Jim Schwartz) needs to get some veteran guys in there that can grab buys and make them accountable. If I missed a block or if I wasn’t getting the job done, when I got to the sideline it wasn’t Coach Fontes in my face or any of the assistants. It was Chris Spielman. It was Jerry Ball, it was Bennie Blades. We had guys like that.”

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the Lions have a great batch of leaders, because they don’t. With the team’s recent cut of veteran defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, the team actually has less leadership in the locker room next season.

However, why should anyone listen to Lomas Brown about leadership? This is the same guy who recently admitted to missing blocks on purpose during his time with the Lions. That’s right, the former Pro Bowler purposely let defensive linemen and linebackers get past him. On November 6th, Brown missed several blocks in a game that quarterback Scott Mitchell left hurt. Mitchell broke his finger and would miss the entire season.

If you’re an offensive lineman in the NFL, you’re job is to protect the quarterback. Every player on the field is a leader, Brown is no exception. When it comes to calling out the Lions, Brown should keep his mouth shut.

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