New York Jets: It's Time for Rex Ryan to Put Up or Shut Up

By Stephen Conway
The Star Ledger-US Presswire

Rex Ryan is 34-30 as the New York Jets head coach. In his four year tenure, he has reached the AFC Championship twice, and failed to make the playoffs twice in a row. Those two years that he missed the playoffs were his last two years, which indicates that this season is a pivotal year for Coach Ryan.

Ryan got the job as head coach of the Jets in 2009, after serving as an assistant coach in the NFL for 22 years. In his first two years as coach, Ryan owned a record of 20-12. In his last two seasons at the helm, the Jets had a disappointing record of 14-14.

Much of the blame could be placed on quarterback Mark Sanchez, who over the past two seasons has not performed the way he did in his first two years in the NFL. With the lowest QB rating in the league last year, Sanchez has been a disappointment, and it will be interesting to see what Ryan will do as far as the quarterback situation goes for 2013.

Ryan has had his ups and downs as coach. He has had is fair share of infractions with the league, the media, etc, and has made some questionable football decisions as well. With the upcoming 2013 season, Ryan has a lot of decisions to make, which puts him in the hot seat for most of the season. You have to imagine that if Ryan and the Jets have another disappointing season, Ryan will be out. The Jets franchise and fan base have had to deal, and go through too much of, “guaranteed Super Bowl talks,” and things of that nature. At this point, Ryan needs to put up, or shut up.

This year is a do or die year for the New York Jets and coach Ryan. It’s too early in the off-season to map out what the team will look like for the upcoming season, who will be quarterback, who will be running the ball, and who will be receiving. However, whatever the roster looks like, Ryan will have to find some way to make it work, or else his head coaching days could be over.

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