Nick Foles To Kansas City Chiefs Would Make Denver Broncos' Schedule Tougher

By Mark Stringer
Howard Smith – US Today Sports

There have been NFL rumors suggesting that the Philadelphia Eagles may try to trade their starting QB Nick Foles, and the the Kansas City Chiefs may be interested in reconnecting the second-year QB to his former coach, Andy Reid.

If the Eagles were to trade Foles to the Chiefs, that could make a huge differnece in the AFC West race. I’m not saying that Foles turns the Chiefs totally around, but what I am saying is that he would give the Chiefs a much better chance of winning than Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn.

One thing is for sure: everyone in the AFC West is trying to catch up with the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs already have several Pro Bowl players and brought in Reid as their new head coach. The San Deigo Chargers brought in former Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy as their head coach with the idea of jumpstarting their struggling offense.

If the trade that sends Foles to the Chiefs goes down, then the division could be a good race for the first time in a few years. Most of the teams in the AFC West have talented rosters and with the coaching changes and a new face at QB for the Chiefs, the division could be very different story in 2013.

The Cheifs already had a solid defense and several quality players on offense. A new coach and quarterback could be enough to turn them into a division contender, but I’m sure Peyton Manning and company will have something to say about that.

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