The Tennessee Titans are prisoners of the moment, not knowing when to let go

By anthony denmark
Tennessee Titans
Don McPeak – USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans front office has an impressive track record when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough and turning late round selections into All-Pro players. Although the Titans have not sniffed the playoffs in nearly six years, the Titan front office has built an impeccable reputation for finding talent and developing players. Unlike the New England Patriots, who cut players without as much as a second thought, the Titans fall victim to their emotions by giving former players second chances when its best to go in another direction.

For years, the Titans have welcomed back former players whose best football was already behind them and wasted millions of dollars all due to loyalty. Former Titans like Marcus Robertson, Jevon Kearse, and John Thornton bolted at the first sign of free agency, but were rescued from the NFL unemployment lines when the Titans gave them lucrative contracts that far exceeded the minimal contribution they made after being signed.

The front office also tended reward their veteran players who stayed by paying them top dollar,  frequently ignoring their diminished contributions on game-days. Although the contributions of former Titan greats Frank Wycheck, Blaine Bishop, and Eddie George were immense, it certainly did not warrant these players being paid as top-five players at their position past their prime.

In order to have continued success in the NFL, franchises cannot be fans and become prisoners of the moment, it is critical that personnel keeps an eye toward the future. The glory days of Titan dominance is no more, and cutting bait with costly veterans, while resisting the urge to welcome old Titans back into the fold is a must.

If the Titans wish to exit the dungeon of mediocrity, the front office will work diligently by cutting by the numbers and leaving their emotions in check.

Fifteen former Titans have been cut from their current teams. Will the Titans resist the urge to re-sign Kyle Vanden Bosch? Will the Titans attempt to outbid the other teams in order to retain the services of former players Adam ‘Pac-man Jones and Randy Starks?

LP Field may be empty, but decisions made by the Titan front office will determine if their playoff absence continues for another year.

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