NFL Rumors: Will Charles Woodson Be with the Chicago Bears?

Charles Woodson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The sun has set on Charles Woodson and the Green Bay Packers. The future Hall of Famer was released by Green and Mold last week, saving the team a reported $10 million. Or as they call it in Green Bay, another selling of fake stock.

All jokes and pokes aside, Woodson’s age and battles with injury made him too rich for the Packers’ blood. If any team will take a shot on Woodson, it will be as a safety and on a very short-term deal.

Interestingly enough, the Chicago Bears are in need of a good safety and one that can actually think on his feet. One that understand basic geometry on tackles and doesn’t make fans dumber by not understanding anything about playing the position. Woodson can immediately solve that problem along with potentially mentoring the moronic safeties on the roster (okay, that is a stretch, but a good thought none the less).

With the Bears window closing quickly and Woodson’s career coming to an end soon, this is a good marriage. The Bears defense was one of the league’s best last season, and adding a player of that caliber makes things that much better. Behind Charles Tillman, Woodson is second amongst current players on forced fumbles. It’s another great dimension to this unit.

Assuming the Bears bring Brian Urlacher back this season, and I cannot see them not doing so, this team could be a repeat of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens defense wasn’t young, but it was smart, tough and battle tested. The Bears will be that same type of unit. Assuming Marc Trestman is able to squeeze something out of the offense, it could a fun 2013.

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