Will Titans Latest Coaching Move Payoff for Coach Mike Munchak?

By Kent Whitaker
Coach Mike Munchak
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans
have given Coach Mike Munchak a chance to rework his staff in hopes of an improved NFL season heading into 2013. Can the new coaches in the organization help right the ship? For Tennessee fans, and owner Bud Adams, the answer is hopefully a resounding “YES!”

Munchak has brought on a group of coaches that he trusts and that he knows. Things started last season with the late season change of offensive coordinator. Now Munchak has completed his changes with the hiring of Gregg Williams.

Williams is one of the coaches involved in the so called “Bountygate” scandal that rocked the New Orleans Saints, as well as the NFL, while he was the Saints defensive coordinator from 2009-2011. Williams has had his suspension lifted by the NFL and Munchak was quick to hire him as senior assistant for the defense.

Williams admitted that he didn’t do things the right way in the past and those mistakes cost him. While speaking during a press conference at Baptist Sports Park on Thursday in Nashville, he said it was time for him to move forward.

“The past is the past, and what I am looking to do is create a resume from this day forward,” Williams said. “I missed the competition. I am a competition addict. … But I have to make sure it is done in the right way.”

Regardless of your thoughts on the bounty scandal, it’s seems like a good move to hire Williams. The Titans could use a little fire on the defensive side and Williams seems like an addition to the staff that can make that happen.

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