Cameron Wake Giving Miami Dolphins Bang For Their Buck

By Devin O'Barr
Cameron Wake celebrates a sack
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

In a league with NFL players not living up to contracts left and right it’s important to commend players who make a difference even after getting an illustrious deal. The Miami Dolphins made a big investment in Cameron Wake last offseason and he came through with a stellar campaign in 2012.

Wake had skipped workouts last May to make sure he got paid as he was still on his rookie contract a year removed from 8.5 sacks and two removed from a season with 14 sacks. Thankfully the Dolphins ponied up and gave Wake a deal worth $49M and $20M in guaranteed money over the next four seasons.

After nearly doubling his sack total in 2012 Wake has even higher expectations this offseason and they will surely be lost in the team’s mad dash to find some offensive firepower.

15 sacks was a career high for Wake and so were the three fumbles he forced which is a great accomplishment considering the Dolphins defensive line was not  that much of a force this season. With teams like the New York Jets in the news for eating contracts and buying players out, the Dolphins have to be confident that Wake will honor the contract as he will turn 34 when his current contract is up.

In a division where you have to face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots twice a year your defensive line better be strong and as long as Wake is fourth in the league in sacks then the ‘Fins shouldn’t have any problems getting to the opposing quarterback no matter who it is.

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