Cincinnati Bengals With Big Expectations in 2013: Marvin Lewis Already On The Hot Seat

By Devin O'Barr
Marvin Lewis
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Lewis has withstood some pretty tough times with the Cincinnati Bengals and now that he has two consecutive winning seasons under his belt the hot seat is going to be scorching in 2013.

Expectations have to be through the roof in Cincy as the team finally has the pieces necessary to make a run in the NFL playoffs. However, with $53M in cap space this off-season the team has to bring in a few play-makers on defense to improve a defense that was ranked 6th in the entire league in 2012.

Lewis spoke at the NFL Combine on Friday and the part of the conference that was most interesting to me was when he said “We’re going to have change but whatever that is we’re all going to have to get better.”

I think Lewis sees the writing on the wall and that his tenure as the coach of the Bengals may be in jeopardy if they fail to bring home the AFC North title this season. With the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers both losing some crucial pieces this off-season the Bengals have the most formidable team in the division and should be the favorites–it’s safe to say that Lewis and the Bengals aren’t used to those expectations.

Andy Dalton remains the driving force for this team and when he plays well so do the Bengals, so surrounding him with the most available talent will be key. A.J Green is only one player, however, his ghost-like performance in this years Wild Card Round simply can’t happen if the Bengals hope to capture their first playoff win in over two decades anytime soon.

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