Could The Green Bay Packers Bring Back Greg Jennings?

By AJEnno
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During the initial coach and general manager interviews at the NFL Combine on Friday, the Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson may have hinted at bringing a veteran back.

Thompson was asked about bringing back playmaking wide receiver Greg Jennings, who will become a free agent on March 12. Jennings has hinted that he most likely would be with another team for the 2013 season. Jennings departure seemed apparent, but Thompson had this to say:

“We think it’s our best practice to try to retain as many of those guys as we can, we’d very much like to do that and that includes Greg.”

Just when all Packer fans had given up hope, and come to terms with Jennings leaving, Thompson pulls them right back in. Thompson may try to bring Jennings back, but I don’t think the money is going to be there. Jennings is reportedly looking for a $14 million deal, which surpasses Vincent Jackson’s rich deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Could Thompson get Jennings to re-sign at a cheaper price?

There isn’t a lot of big money to go around with big name contracts like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews coming up. The Packers are reportedly cutting out cap space to sign Rodgers and Matthews, but is it for Jennings as well? They released Charles Woodson freeing up over $9 million of cap space already.

Thompson could have said this as a fail safe. He would cover himself from anyone wondering why he didn’t make a run at re-signing Jennings. Many times it’s the players who paint the team in a bad light, but Thompson could turn it into Jennings was asking for too much money.

It would make sense to keep the Packers offense in tact while adding a workhorse running back in the draft. If Jennings wants to leave though, I say let him walk. He may never duplicate his success he had with the Packers while Rodgers was throwing the ball to him. He will make a decent impact wherever he goes though.

Things will get interesting as this story progresses. Look for Thompson to at least try to give Jennings a generous offer.

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