Darrelle Revis Wants Answers, but the New York Jets Don't Owe Star Cornerback a Damn Thing

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Darrelle Revis New York Jets
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There’s no disputing that New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is one of the best in the business.

Yet, for a player of his caliber, he always seems to have a fair share of question marks surrounding him.

Coming off an ACL injury, Revis is clearly eager to prove that he’s still the NFL‘s best cornerback, but he doesn’t seem to be nearly as eager to prove his loyalty to the team that’s stuck by him for the last six years.

Revis told the NFL Network this week that he was “speechless” when trade rumors about him surfaced last month, and he publicly demanded answers from the organization, which is far from taking the high road.

This is a guy who staged a holdout and demanded a healthy six-year contract before ever playing a down in the NFL. A guy who refused to honor that contract and held out again just three years later.

Even after the Jets accommodated his demands twice in his first four seasons, he implied that another holdout would be imminent just last season, threats that were never going to amount to anything anyway.

Revis wants answers? Please. The Jets don’t owe him a damn thing. They’ve continually bent over backwards for their superstar cornerback, and they still don’t know just exactly what is his agenda going forward.

I’ve defended Revis for years, and I’d love nothing more than for him to be a Jet for life, but enough is enough already. At some point, these all-too-familiar contractual standoffs have to stop.

Revis evidently cannot go more than three seasons without asking for a raise. It certainly doesn’t help that his uncle and adviser, Sean Gilbert, once famously sat out an entire season himself in a contract dispute.

The Jets will likely negotiate with Revis again this off-season, with new general manager John Idzik getting a crack at it for the first time. If they make him available in trade talks, there’s sure to be interest in his services.

Revis will soon have to decide what’s more important to him: wearing green, or getting green. The choice is his.

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