NFL Rumors: Will The Buffalo Bills Draft a New QB?

By Jeff Everette
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If there is one thing most fans of the Buffalo Bills will agree upon, it is the fact their quarterback drives them nuts. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been stereotyped as the smartest quarterback in the NFL, and yet he makes some of the dumbest mistakes a fan will see. It is a concerning character trait, especially for those that proudly call the Bills their team.

Fitzpatrick has had his moments, he led the Bills to 4-2 start in 2011 and secured himself a nifty little contract in the process. The results since have been hit or miss, with Fitzpatrick often missing in critical minutes of games the Bills could have easily won had he been smart with the ball. Make careless mistakes often enough and eventually the fan base is going to be calling for your head. For Fitzpatrick, that time may have come.

The Bills quarterback actually performed better in 2012 then he did the season before. His turnovers were down and he seemed in better control of game tempo. Unfortunately, his wins did not increase, and the Bills were unable to improve their position within a relatively weak AFC East. People will only put up with disappointment for so long, and when you lose the patience of the people, fingers get pointed. In Buffalo, Fitzpatrick is the guy to point at.

The question is, can the Bills find someone who puts them in a better position to win the Ryan Fitzpatrick?

This is the million dollar question because, if you cannot improve with a switch, then why would you switch? A change at the quarterback position is not something you implement simply for the sake of change. Not if you want to be a winner in this league.

The Bills have a proven commodity under center who has the physical ability to get the job done, and the intelligence to grow as the years go by. It would make little sense for them to take a step backwards by letting him go and starting the search for someone new.

The Bills own the eighth pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and if Geno Smith happens to still be on the board, it is possible we could see them pull the trigger and start working towards the future. If they did, then it would be clear the Bills have lost faith in Fitzpatrick’s ability to lead them to the top of the division, or even into wild card contention.

It would also signify the start of another re-building process, something the Bills would likely want to avoid at all costs. The team has many of the key pieces in place, and to put everything on hold while they develop a new QB could cause the shelf life on those pieces to expire, resulting in the Bills missing their window of opportunity.

It may not be popular, but Fitzpatrick is the Buffalo Bills’ best bet for immediate success, but his time is growing short. If he is ever going to prove his worth, it needs to be during the 2013-14 season. The pieces are in place, he just needs to be smart with the ball, and use the tools the front office provides to get the job done.

It is pretty basic stuff, something you shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out.


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