The Green Bay Packers' Mike McCarthy Looks to Address The Problem On Defense

By AJEnno
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It seems as if the Green Bay Packers may have been woken up by the San Francisco 49ers during the postseason.

During head coach Mike McCarthy’s first interview at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Friday he seemed to recognize there was a problem with the Packers. He seemed frustrated about coming off his second straight second round postseason loss. Against a team who beat him twice last season, the Niners. McCarthy had this to say:

“We need to do a better job of stopping the read option, San Francisco beat us twice and they’ll definitely be the focus of our offseason.”

Those are refreshing words to any fans ears, from a coach who has seemed stubborn at times about addressing the problems with the team. McCarthy also said that the defensive coaches would be visiting Texas A&M soon to get an idea from coach Kevin Sumlin on how to stop the read-option offense. With Sumlin having Heisman winner Johnny Manziel as his QB he may be one of the best at knowing how to run and defend the read option.

The fact that McCarthy is going out of his way to learn how to defend this new gimmick in the league, proves that he’s hungry for another championship. Much like the fans of the Packers he’s tired of being embarrassed, and that’s something we can all get behind. The battle cry of the 2013 Packers is going to be that they are tired of falling short of expectations. Fans can get behind this team, and the team can be worried about getting their revenge.

The interesting thing about the 2013 season is that the 49ers are on the schedule. The Packers will travel back to the scene of the crime at some point next season. That will be a measuring stick of how far they’ve come, and if their off-season scouting worked. You would think the NFL scheduling heads would make that a primetime game early in the season.

There is still awhile to go in the off-season, but the Packers seem to be taking an aggressive approach at stopping the number one team in the NFC.

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