The Miami Dolphins Should Trade Up in the 2013 NFL Draft to Grab Dee Milliner

By Scott DelleFave
Dee Milliner
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have the means to either rebuild their team, or move up and get the guy they need.  In the first three rounds they have picks 12, 43, 56, 79, and 84 so they could either rebuild via the draft or actually move up and alter their draft in a way they see fit.

The Dolphins need a cornerback urgently, after their number one cornerback Sean Smith and the franchise seem to be millions of dollars apart on a new contract, which isn’t good since Miami lacks serious depth at the cornerback position.

The Dolphins have a legit course of action as they could bundle their first and a second and maybe one of their thirds and jump two division rivals whom are in the top ten of this year’s draft in the Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets. There is a guy that will fill a huge need for Miami as previously was alluded to, cornerback taking someone line Dee Milliner at pick 5 would make a lot of sense as it fills an urgent need.

Milliner can even shut down some tight ends due to his large (6′ 1″ 200 lbs.) frame and his sheer athleticism as it was demonstrated in the BCS Championship game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Granted the cost would be high for the Dolphins, however this team is desperate for secondary help especially with teams stocking up with more and more wide receivers these days as the NFL is a pass happy league .

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