Did New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Call Out Justin Tuck?

By jason evans
Andrew Weber — US Presswire

Earlier today, New York Giants GM Jerry Reese had a press conference (just like all the GM’s have) at the scouting combine. Reese is usually pretty tight lipped. He was asked a variety of questions, however, one answer in particular kind of surprised me.

Reese was asked about a variety of topics from Osi Umenyiora, Dwight Freeney and Will Beatty. He basically said the team will keep all of their options open. It was straight forward but it tells you nothing. He went into great detail though when asked about Justin Tuck. Here is his response:

“Justin obviously hasn’t played as well as we think he can play and the kind of player he has shown to be in the past. He knows that. Justin and I have recently had a really long conversation and talked about some of those things. He really wants to get back to the old Justin Tuck and be the player that we know him to be. Hopefully he can get healthy and have a good offseason and get back to his old form.”

It was kind of surprising that Reese kind of called out Tuck in a way. He’s usually very tight-lipped about things, but to go into such depth about his conversation with Tuck was interesting. Tuck wasn’t his usual self last year, and even with the Giants cap troubles, from that statement, it’s pretty clear that he isn’t going anywhere.

For the Giants to get back to a championship level, they need Tuck to get back to his old form. For the Giants sake, hopefully he can.

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