If Tennessee Titans Tender Franchise Tag on Jared Cook He Will be One Year Solution to Four Year Enigma

By anthony denmark
Jared Cook Tennessee Titans
Don McPeak – USA TODAY Sports

Jared Cook has been a talent tease since he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the second round. For years he has shown glimpses of being an NFL All-Pro talent only to disappear and disappoint for long stretches. Titan General Manager Ruston Webster is considering using the NFL franchise tag on Cook which would be $5.4 million for this year. The franchise tag is usually reserved for top talent and although Cook is hardly mentioned among the league’s elite at his position using the $5.4 million franchise tag may be just what the doctor ordered.

Since Week 3 of the 2012 regular season due to a shoulder injury there are far too many uncertainties that should make the Titans reluctant to make a long term financial commitment to an inconsistent player recovering from a season ending injury. The Titans have a history of using due diligence during contract negotiations never hesitating to let a player walk even when the decision was not popular. Although Cook will want a long term commitment from the Titans I truly believe such an investment would be unwise.

If Webster gets his way Cook will take the franchise tag without holding out and use it as motivation to finally tap into the immense potential that he has teased the masses with for far too long. And if Cook is able to produce on the field then a long term commitment from the Titans would be a virtual certainty, but too much is required.

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