The Miami Dolphins Will Struggle if Lamar Miller is Their Feature Halfback

Lamar Miller

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have a great amount of cap room, however, they seem like a contract impasse with running back Reggie Bush who will be a free agent on March 12th and if that happens Lamar Miller will step into the limelight of South Beach. Miller is a very good young back who’s locally grown as he went to college in Miami for the University of Miami Hurricanes and he grew up in Miami as well.

That being said, if Bush walks and Miller is thrust into the spotlight, the Dolphins will struggle mightily because with Bush the running lanes are open far wider that enable quarterback Ryan Tannehill to run all over unsuspecting defenses. In addition, Bush is extremely versatile between being a home run hitting running back on seemingly every time he touched  the ball on the ground to being an excellent wide receiver that causes mismatches galore all over the field, and Miller frankly doesn’t have that much of a dynamic ability.

Coach Joe Philbin might be cringing going into the 2013 NFL Draft as they might have to draft yet another running back, although they do have five picks in the first three rounds, so they could possibly gamble on at least one pick and not worry that they blew a draft pick. A name that could be lower risk with a huge upside would be currently injured running back Marcus Lattimore from the South Carolina Gamecocks. While Lattimore is still on the mend, and should likely sit out all of 2013, however, in 2014 he could likely return to his college explosiveness and that would be downright frightening for teams in the AFC East.


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