Da'Quan Bowers: Dumb Jock of the Month

By andRe Christos Helios
Da'Quan Bowers, Dumb Jock of the Month
andRe Christos Helios Rant Sports

Dumb Jock of the Month. I had to do it! What is it going to take for these athletes to realize that they are actually role models and that little children and teenagers admire them and ultimately, emulate them? What is going to take? Not a Lombardi Trophy. Not an NFL MVP! Not a ten million dollar contract extension! But an award! The Dumb Jock of the Month award.

It is time that these athletes are publicly berated and ridiculed for their asinine actions! Yes, we all make mistakes. We are all flawed. Yes, yes, I am fully aware of that, reader. But when you’re Lawrence Taylor, why are you soliciting prostitutes of any age? DUMB! When you are Kobe Byrant and married, why are you in a hotel room with any other woman but your wife? DUMB! When you’ve just won Super Bowl, why are you out clubbing with a pistol on your persons, Plaxico Burress? DUMB! We’ve all heard of the Gilbert Arenas situation, right? Yes, that was DUMB, too! The head-butt by Chad Johnson was DUMB! Braylon Edwards? Yes, that was dduuummbbbb!

What’s the point? The point is this: when you’re in the public eye, you have to be more than careful about your actions. As aforementioned, when you are a professional athlete and you are adulated for your athleticism, you should be walking on eggshells because someone is just hoping that you expletive up!

You would think after Burress’ situation, why would an athlete even attempt to do anything improper with a pistol? Really, Da’Quan Bowers, you didn’t know that La Guardia Airport has metal detectors and conveyors for things such as pistols, explosives, and hazardous chemicals? You was not-in-the-know that your pistol just might be a breach of security? Come on! You’re a jock, but you can’t be that dumb! Or are you?

Thanks to Bowers, we will now have a Dumb Jock of the Month. Yes, that is correct! Every month, an athlete will be awarded for doing or saying something that was either poor in judgment or was plain ol’ dumb!

This month’s Dumb Jock award goes to Da’Quan Bowers. Someone let that guy know that he only plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that he can’t be a gun-toting pirate in the real world.

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