Dennis Allen Says Oakland Raiders to Stick with Carson Palmer as Starter in 2013

By Jeremy Hayes
3 Carson Palmer Frank Victores
Frank Victores- USA Today Sports

So much for quarterback controversy.

Speaking to the press at the NFL Combine, Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said that Carson Palmer will be “the plan” as far as being the starting quarterback in 2013.

Allen said that it will be an open competition like every position, but went on to say how Palmer had a great season and is a leader on this team.

Sounds like someone does not have faith in his starting quarterback, no?

If Allen truly believes Palmer is the leader (leader of a team who had the third worst record last season) why not just say he is the starter?

This is a “playing it safe” statement, but it shows that the faith is not all there as far as Allen believing Palmer is the starter. He should have just said one or the other: Palmer is the starter or it is open competition. Instead of looking like the indecisive coach that Allen really is.

If he does not think Terrelle Pryor is ready, why not say it?

What separates a good coach from a bad one is making a decision without caring what the press has to say and if that decision is wrong. Do you think Bill Belichick cared if the media thought his infamous “4th and 2” call was a bad call or whether a trade was smart or dumb?

Allen needs to take the bull by the horns and act like this is his team, and rise or fall with his decision without making it look like every decision is going to cost him his job.


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