If Miles Austin Does Become Available Then The Miami Dolphins Are A Legit Suitor

By Craig Ballard

There are conflicting reports regarding the Dallas Cowboys and wide receiver Miles Austin as some say he will be cut by the team while others say no way that will happen. Either way I am still intrigued because the Miami Dolphins have the draft picks available to bring Austin’s talents to South Beach.

Austin has a lot of years and dollars remaining on his deal and for him to remain in big D he will surely have to restructure his contract as the ‘Boys do not have a ton of salary cap space. If he balks at that then I still doubt that he will end up on waivers, but the Cowboys would surely be open to trade talks at that point.

Some Dolfans would have you believe that Jeff Ireland had nothing to do with bringing the undrafted Austin into the NFL, but he indeed did play a part in that and he could be interested in acquiring him. The past four seasons Austin has averaged 7+ touchdowns, when healthy he gets 100+ targets and although 2011 and 2012 were somewhat down seasons (mostly due to injuries), I still feel like he is a legit 1,000+ yards pass catching touchdown maker.

I do not think there is any guaranteed money left on Austin’s contract so getting him in a trade with a contract you know is preferable to adding him as a free agent because that would likely involve guaranteeing a few million dollars (the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know…in this case Austin’s four remaining years at $30+ million is the devil you know…releasing this contract is easy and without penalty, but if you add him as a free agent there are likely to be penalties if you want to cut Austin before the contract ends).

Miami has five picks in the first three rounds and No. 54 and/or No. 77 (maybe as high as the No. 42) could be in play as they are surely picks that would interest the Cowboys, but we will have to watch closely to see if the Cowboys will in fact look to make a move with Austin. Consider me intrigued. The assumption is that the Dolphins will be interested in any/all available receivers as they seem committed to upgrading that position to try and help Ryan Tannehill.

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