Kansas City Chiefs About to Make a Huge Mistake

By Damon Salvadore
Jason O. Watson-US Presswire

Word in the NFL right now is a deal for the Kansas City Chiefs to acquire Alex Smith is “all but done.”

Of course, teams are not able to trade until March 12, but talks can take place now between parties. Rumors have been circulating that Andy Reid is interested in Smith and Smith is one of the most popular quarterback draws this off-season, because the San Fransisco 49ers will be going with Colin Kaeprnick. Let’s just assume that this is a done deal and Alex Smith is the quarterback for the Chiefs next season.

This is a terrible mistake for the Chiefs for a number of reasons.

First and most obvious is Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh made Smith the flash in the pan quarterback he was. Without Harbaugh as his coach Smith has 51 touchdowns and 53 interceptions in 50 starts. That is atrocious. Without Harbaugh, Smith is unable to read defenses and lead game-winning drives. I’ve never seen a coach do so much for a quarterback.

Then there’s finance. Is Alex Smith worth $9 million a year? Absolutely not. If he was willing to restructure the contract for about three or four million per season then that would make sense. Low to medium risk for the Chiefs. But at $9 million a year it’s a huge risk for a team that just finished last in the NFL and could set them back further.

People will constantly bring up Smith’s impressive 19-5-1 record over the last two seasons. However, those people must not forget about his 19-31 record the previous five seasons with a season high passer rating of 82.1. Again Harbaugh (who won coach of the year) made Smith a productive and confident quarterback. The 49ers won games defensively, not offensively.

So in the end the Chiefs are about to get a quarterback with 51 toucdowns, 53 interceptions and a 70 qb rating for $9 million without Harbaugh. Worth it? I don’t think so.

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