Levine Toilolo Will be a Huge Sleeper Tight End Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft

By Scott DelleFave
Levine Toilolo
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Often seen as the other tight end for the Stanford Cardinal, Levine Toilolo will not be drafted as high as Zack Ertz, however, if a team wants a potentially huge (literately and figuratively) redzone threat, Toilolo might well be it. Standing at a gigantic 6′ 8″ and weighing in at 260 lbs. Toilolo has an absurdly large frame for a tight end, and has two catcher’s mitts for hands as well.

Toilolo will not be a tight end like a Rob Gronkowski for the New England Patriots, however, he might be a team’s dream of having a big framed guy to catch footballs in the endzone with. Toilolo has had a total of 50 catches for 763 yards and 10 touchdown receptions in his career for the Cardinal which is extremely impressive considering he is the number two tight end on his team, and by comparison Ertz has had 112 catches for 1434 yards and 15 touchdown receptions.

Why is Toilolo considered a sleeper pick? Simply put he won’t likely be called until at the earliest round four, but likely will be picked either round five or even round six due to lack of a team need or needs simply elsewhere. In 2010, Toilolo’s season was cut short as he tore the dreaded torn ACL, however, in 2011 he rebounded just fine.  He compares to current Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Mercedes Lewis likely due to his overwhelming stature and lack of initial burst off of the line of scrimmage, however, he is just simply very hard to bring down due to his aforementioned size.

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