NFL Rumors: Are the Denver Broncos and Knowshon Moreno Parting Ways?

By Brandon Cox
Knowshon Moreno Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos running back, Knowshon Moreno may not be Bronco before much longer and the Broncos could be looking at his replacement already. Rumors have surfaced that the Broncos are currently taking a look at running back, Shonn Greene who just wrapped up his 4th season with the New York Jets.  In 2012, Greene ran for 1,063 yards, and 8 TDs, all career bests.  Greene could also take over the roll as starting running back in Denver if he decides to trade the green and white of the Jets for the blue and orange of the Broncos. The Broncos also have running back, Willis McGahee, who was placed on the injured reserve list in 2012 after tearing a ligament in his knee on a November 18th game against the San Diego Chargers. McGahee, before being hurt ran for 731 yards, and four touchdowns.  Moreno filled in nicely while filling in for McGahee by rushing for 525 yards, and four touchdowns all in six games he started.


The Broncos also have running backs, Lance Ball, Ronnie Hillman, and Chris Gronkowski, but Moreno is owed $3.28 million in 2013 and the Broncos are looking to trim that off of the cap before the season starts. Moreno was picked 12th overall in the 2009 NFL draft, but he has never really lived up to his potential. In fact, the best season he has had thus far was his rookie season when he rushed for 947 yards, and seven touchdowns.  Moreno in his four seasons in the NFL also has nine fumbles, losing all but one. His inability to hang onto the ball is also what cost him to be placed on the inactive list in week 2 of the 2012 season when he fumbled against the Atlanta Falcons and head coach John Fox decided not to use Moreno for eight weeks until the injury to McGahee.


Moreno still has some good seasons left in him I’m sure, but it just seems that his time with the Broncos has come to an end. The Broncos are still evaluating the rehab of McGahee, however, he is not owed as much as Moreno, and if the Broncos were to use McGahee as a backup if pick up Greene, McGahee would serve better in that position than Moreno.  If the Broncos were to cut McGahee rather than Moreno, it would not come as a surprise to me, but I just don’t see it happening.  I think Greene is a better back right now than Moreno, or McGahee is, and he would fit in nicely with the Broncos and you can bet that he will want to play for a contender, that’s why the Falcons are also rumored to be after Greene.


The Broncos are after a Super Bowl championship, and they are looking at all positions on the field to improve to get them past where they left off last season when they lost in overtime in the AFC Divisional match up against the Baltimore Ravens, 38-35.   Running back is just one of the many positions the Broncos are looking at and you can bet they won’t be done once they resolve that position. The defense is where the Broncos need to improve most, so expect this to be a busy offseason for the Broncos and expect many more signings to come.


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