Should Denver Broncos Sign DT Glenn Dorsey Via Free Agency?

By Mark Stringer

The Denver Broncos fell just short of their goal this season when they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisional round. They have already been considered an elite team ever since they added QB Peyton Manning to an already talented roster.

The defensive tackle position is one of the weaker positions on the Broncos team and has been a position that the Broncos have not locked up a stud player in a long time. The Broncos have just got by with mediocre tackles with short term contracts. I think now would be a great time to find them a stud tackle that could be locked up for a long time.

Should Kansas City Chiefs DT Glenn Dorsey be considered to be the one to fulfill that role for the Broncos? I think the Broncos should pass on Doresy and go another route.

Dorsey puts up a decent number of tackles as he has averaged around 60 tackles a season, but he doesn’t hardly record any sacks or forced fumbles. He just hasn’t lived up to the hype in order to be the long term fix for the Broncos.

The Broncos were pretty solid at tackle last season by using Kevin Vickerson, Derek Wolfe, Justin Bannan and Mitch Unrein. The Broncos used head coach John Fox’s defensive scheme and he only requires the front 4 to get an interior push on the offensive linemen which helps the linebackers make tackles and get pressure on the quarterback. These guys did their job and Vickerson put up 40 tackles, two sacks, one forced fumble and five tackles for loss, while Wolfe recorded 40 tackles and six sacks. Bannan, who played a significantly less amount of snaps than Vickerson and Wolfe, put up similar numbers by racking up 42 tackles and a forced fumble.

Vickerson and Bannan’s contracts are due and the Broncos may wait and see what they can get through free agency before it tries to re-sign these two. Wolfe played a lot of defensive end, but may be ready to start at tackle this season. Look for the Broncos to re-sign one or both of these guys and perhaps add a big body through the draft or free agency to help as a run stopper.


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