The Arizona Cardinals Cannot Draft USC QB Matt Barkley in the First Round

By Kase Brammer
Matt Barkley
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mistakes are made all the time, but drafting USC QB Matt Barkley in the first round is a mistake the Arizona Cardinals cannot make. Apparently, the Cardinals were very impressed with the young quarterback and one scout is reporting the quarterback will not get past the Cardinals with the number seven pick.

Barkley has been impressive at the combine, but to think the Cardinals don’t have bigger problems than quarterback is crazy. The offensive line is the main priority and it will remain the priority until the problem is fixed. That could mean the Cardinals might be taking an offensive lineman with their first two picks.

Having said that, if Barkley is available with their second round pick they would be dumb not to take him. Eventually, the Cardinals will need to get their quarterback of the future and Barkley could be the perfect fit. However, a veteran quarterback might be less expensive and it would allow for extra security in case QB Kevin Kolb goes down again.

The Cardinals have not done a great job over the past couple of seasons preparing for injuries. Their depth is suspect and they must get better this season via free agency. They don’t have to sign big name players, but they do have to add depth in case half of their team goes down like it did last season.

The new coaching staff is leading this team in the right direction, but the rebuilding process is far from over. The Cardinals will be the most improved team in 2013, but in a tough NFC West, I would say they are still a couple of years away from competing for a division title.

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