The Cleveland Browns Are Going To Need A Tight End

By Ryan Ruiz
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As a new chapter turns over for the Cleveland Browns, fan favorite and veteran tight end Benjamin Watson may no longer wear an orange helmet. Salivating and waiting in the wings for two years is the very athletic Jordan Cameron. However, with new head coach Rob Chudzinski‘s high flying offense, more tight ends are going to be needed. Remember the name Joseph Fauria.

From the UCLA Bruins, Fauria turned more than a few heads catching 12 touchdown passes last year. Fauria’s statistics are not overwhelming, but he looks like the “new” prototypical end. At 6’7″ and 255 lbs, he displays great athleticism and hands. Fauria had 46 receptions for 637 yards in the 2012 season.

The Browns could get him in the later rounds and beef up the tight end position on the roster. I’m sorry, but I am done with Alex Smith. It is time to move on there and it may be time to move on with Watson too. Fauria and Cameron would be a great start.

Watching Cameron for the last two seasons had me excited, but at the same time disappointed. Most of the blame can go on Pat Shurmur and his odd way of thinking. Cameron is a star waiting to shine and if given an opportunity, he will not disappoint. He is in the exact same mold of a Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez.

There is plenty of talent on this roster, Chudzinski just needs to utilize it properly unlike his predecessor. If Fauria is available in the later rounds, the Browns should draft him. However in the next month, Fauria’s stock could sky rocket.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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