Tony Gonzalez is (Thankfully) Reconsidering Retirement

By Craig Ballard
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

For all of 2012 we saw Tony Gonzalez put his retirement percentage anywhere from 95-99 percent despite the fact that he is still a phenomenal tight end who produces with the best of them (better even). At 36 years old T-Gon had more yards this season than all 36 year old tight ends combined in NFL history. This guy is doing things at the position that we have not seen before so I understand why we are starting to hear that he is wavering from his once almost certain retirement.

Not only is Gonzalez still producing at a massive level, but his team is 45-19 during his tenure in Hotlanta and twice they have had the best record in the NFC. Most recently only a great comeback by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game kept Gonzalez and the Falcons out of the Super Bowl.

The veteran is still a perfect fit for the Falcons as they have big-time talent at the wide receiver position so quarterback Matt Ryan utilizes Gonzalez over the middle extremely effectively. We know Gonzalez became a Hall Of Fame tight end in his days with the Kansas City Chiefs, and he has continued that great play with the Falcons. In fact, 2012 was his best season with ATL as he had 93 catches for 930 yards with eight touchdowns. Those are big numbers, and that sort of production should not retire…I hope he comes back for at least one more season.

For the sake of the franchise I am sure T-Gon will make up his mind sooner rather than later, and I very much look forward to his decision.

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