All of the Talk Over the Return For Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Needs to End

By Dan Parzych
(Daniel Shirey/USA Today Sports)

There’s been plenty of criticism over the last few weeks about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and all of the statements about him being ready to go for Week 1 of the 2013 season despite suffering a torn ACL in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. Sure, Griffin will do whatever it takes to return to full strength so he doesn’t miss any time away from the field, but he needs to stop being part of the hype about his return and take rehab one day at a time.

Any doctor can say what they want about Griffin and his knee, but the truth is there’s no telling what to expect when the injury just took place a little over one month ago. The 2013 season is still months away and for anyone to make bold predictions about Griffin’s return is nothing but ridiculous.

Obviously, everyone wants to hype up Griffin returning to the field after all of the success from Adrian Peterson last season, but the situation is a bit different this time around. Griffin is a quarterback that has always been dangerous when it comes to using his legs and the last thing Washington wants to see happen is have their star on the field too sooner than he should be.

Otherwise, Griffin could be facing a similar situation when it comes to recovering from a knee injury. The smart thing in this situation would be to just take things one day at a time for Griffin instead of jumping the gun and discussing his return for Week 1.

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