Atlanta Falcons CB Brent Grimes is an Intriguing Free Agent

By Craig Ballard
Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

NFL free agency is usually interesting, and I am intrigued by the future of Atlanta Falcons defensive back Brent Grimes (he likes to be called Grimey…just kidding…hardcore fans of The Simpsons will like that one!). Grimes will be 30 when next season begins, and he missed 2012 with a Achilles issue but that seems to be healing really well.

When last we saw Grimes on the field he was one of the top defensive backs on earth, but I understand the trepidation to give him big money/big commitment as A) there are several defensive backs available in free agency…B) the Falcons have potential for a solid secondary and several of them are already making big money…C) the Falcons used their franchise tag last season on Grimes and $10+ million later they could be once bitten twice shy when it comes to shelling out mega-bucks for the veteran.

In his last 16 games (equivalent to one full NFL season) Grimes has just one interception, but in the 16 games prior to that he snatched nine picks. Hard to believe that Grimes entered the NFL undrafted, and his first action was as a special team player, but he has developed into a very good cornerback.

One scary thought, especially if you believe that Grimes can get back to where he was pre-Achilles issue, is that the New England Patriots are rumored to be interested in adding him. The Pats tried to get Aqib Talib to be their guy going forward that can improve them at the cornerback position, but Grimes has potential to be significantly better than that.

When healthy and on his game Grimes is a play-maker, the questions here are A) can he be similar to a guy like Leon Hall and bounce back from an Achilles issue, and B) if so then will he land a long-term contract or a one-year “prove you can play a full season” deal (2010 was his last season without an injury that caused him to miss time) and also C) where will his speed and level of play be at post-injury? I personally am interested with the free-agency of Grimes and I will be watching closely.

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