Chief Thoughts: Pro Bowl, Hermpire and Some Stuff

By Jason Drake


Chief Thoughts: Pro Bowl, Hermpire and Some Stuff

FINALLY, after three and a half years, “Chief Thoughts” by JD has come BACK, to the internet. For those of you who did not catch my act the first time around on another website, “Chief Thoughts” is a HIGHLY opinionated rambling collection of attempted witticisms and pop-culture references from a long-suffering, frustrated Chefs fan. And no, that is not a typo, when you go 0-14 against the AFC in one season, you are the CHEFS. So here we go.

Yes, the Pro Bowl was a while ago, but Kansas City Chiefs fans haven’t had much to get excited aboot, and more importantly, I haven’t talked about it yet. Sorry, I meant “abOUt”. I sometimes type with a Canadian accent.

When Derrick Johnson intercepted an Eli Manning pass for a pick-six, I fell out of my chair and almost spilled my beer. With that one play, DJ scored as many touchdowns as the entire Chiefs team did in their last three games combined. Plus, he single handedly would’ve beat the Chefs in four other games. You would’ve thought Herm “21 Points” Edwards was still running the show. But no, Romeo Ganz deserves all of the credit for this one.

Hopefully most KC fans still have fond memories of their team. Lenny The Cool. MartyBall. Air Vermeil. For over a thousand generations, the Kansas City Chiefs were the guardians of peace, playoff appearances and even a Super Bowl victory in the Old AFL. Before the dark times… before the Hermpire. We need Andy Reid to put the “i” back in Chefs.

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