Mark Sanchez Got Bigger Extension Than Tom Brady

By Devin O'Barr
Tom Brady Mark Sanchez meet after the game
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In March of 2012 the New York Jets gave Mark Sanchez a three year extension worth $40.5M. Almost a year later the New England Patriots headed to the bargaining table and gave Tom Brady a three year extension that would stretch the quarterback past his thirties–Brady’s deal is only worth $27M for the next three seasons.

Looking at this on the surface you can’t help but laugh as it shows just how idiotic the Jets organization can be and how savvy the Patriots have been for the past decade.

This deal will make Brady 40 years old when the contract is up, however NFL contracts are never set in stone and by extending Brady this way he will receive more guaranteed money than most. With Brady taking well under market value it makes you wonder what exactly the Pats are going to do come March 12th when the team is able to make trades and sign free agents.

Wes Welker is an unrestricted free agent and the Patriots could very well sign him to an extension now, but this move could spell a bigger move such as big-play wideout Mike Wallace or to bring back Aqib Talib who made a huge difference to New England’s secondary last season.

Getting back to the Jets mediocrity they are currently in the process of restructuring Santonio Holmes‘ contract a year after giving Sanchez more than $40M. To be fair, the move prolonged the Jets spending money as Sanchez would’ve been a $14.25M cap hit in 2012. A year later Sanchez has regressed awfully and the team is looking for his replacement left and right.

At the end of the day Brady’s extension may spell doom for the rest of the league with the Patriots having more money to retool–the Jets also look like fools once again.

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