NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos to Pursue Veteran Running Back Shonn Greene

By Joe Morrone
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As February comes to a close and free agency looms, the rumors get hotter and more rampant. The latest rumor involving the Denver Broncos has them going after New York Jets running back Shonn Greene.

There are many who believe that Greene is not worth going after, and I could not disagree more.

He’s not going to come to the Broncos and rush for 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns, but that’s not why the Broncos would be interested in Greene. The interest, if there is any, would be based on their horrific short-yardage offense in 2012. The worst down and distance for the Broncos last season was third- and-1. They were much more comfortable and effective when it was third-and-6 as opposed to short-yardage. Greene is a back that has some power and ability to run inside the tackles, and that’s exactly what the Broncos need.

Willis McGahee is the same type of runner as Greene, but he will be 32, and coming off of another knee injury. It is also possible that McGahee will be a salary cap causality. Greene would fill that role nicely with younger legs.

It is true that Greene has been a disappointment over the past two seasons with the Jets, but that’s why they are the Jets. If you put Greene on an elite team, such as the Broncos, I believe he would excel. There have also been questions about his attitude, but he was playing for the Jets. If I played for that dysfunctional organization, I’d be unhappy too.

Any free agency signing comes with risks, but Greene is worth a look. A lot of free agency is finding that guy that has been in the wrong situation, and putting him into the right situation. He fills a need and would have something to prove, which is always a good combination.

The rumors will continue to fly as free agency gets closer, but Greene to the Broncos is one that makes sense for both sides.

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