San Francisco 49ers Now Claim There's No Deal in Place For Alex Smith

By Dan Parzych
(Kelley L. Cox/USA Today Sports)

One of the biggest news in the NFL this weekend involved the San Francisco 49ers and how there was a deal in place to trade Alex Smith with a team they didn’t want to identify since teams technically can’t perform trades until March 12 rolls around. Now, it appears all of the talks surrounding Smith and a possible trade have taken another turn as the 49ers claim there is no deal in place with any teams–which could make the next couple of weeks interesting.

It’s no secret San Francisco has plans to move on from Smith after Colin Kaepernick emerged as the starting quarterback in the second half of the regular season last year and played a key role in helping the team represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII. However, the only question remaining is which team will be willing to bring Smith and his hefty contract on board for the 2013 season.

There are plenty of teams that could use a quarterback like Smith for the 2013 season such as the Kansas City Chiefs or Jacksonville Jaguars–so it should be interesting to see if there’s any progress made once teams are eligible to make trades. Either way, it’s interesting to hear reports of the 49ers having a deal in place one day to coming out the next and saying there’s nothing at all.

It may sound crazy, but maybe this is part of San Francisco’s plan to receive better offers from any team that has expressed interest in Smith.

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