Top 5 2013 NFL Draft Boom or Bust Candidates

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Top 5 Boom or Bust NFL Draft Prospects

NFL Draft
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Every April 32 NFL teams roll the dice on their collective futures with the NFL draft. The first pick for any team is vital. The largest group of NFL All-Pro players from the past decade have been first selections.

Having said all that I still find it fascinating how some franchises seems to put much more in terms of budgets and manpower into college football scouting than some others. A strong in-house scouting presence is vital to the success to a team’s draft.

But as we are all fully aware, being drafted in the first round is in no way a guarantee of NFL success. It seems that every year a handful of the 32 first round picks that flame out. They either fall flat on their faces or they just never become the player that was expected of them based on their draft position. A lot of prospects look the part and every signal says they will be a star but it just doesn’t happen.

There are a multitude of reasons a player becomes a bust. Lack of talent or effort. Ending up in a bad fit by the team that drafts them, or a myriad of other potential situations that lead to a player never living up to what some team believed was their potential.

So, who are my top 5 potential boom or bust picks in the 2013 NFL draft? I honestly could have swapped out a couple of these players for some others, but overall these are the players I see with the greatest potential to either far exceed or fail to live up to expectations.

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5-Sharrif Floyd, defensive tackle Florida

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Sharrif Floyd, defensive tackle Florida

When I watch Floyd play, I am really torn on just what kind of player he can become in the NFL. On some plays she shows an explosive first step and an ability to penetrate and disrupt the backfield. Next play his short arms let the offensive lineman get him on his heels and he lets up, losing any chance at the play. Floyd's ceiling is as high as any defensive lineman in this draft. As a 3-technique tackle he could be a double digit sack guy. But I want to see him more involved in the entire game, especially when he's out of the play.

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4-Mike Glennon, quarterback North Carolina State

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Mike Glennon, QB North Carolina State

When I watch Glennon play, I really think 2 things. I think on his best day, he could easily be a player like Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. And on his worst days, something closer to Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton. His arm is tremendous and his confidence is high. But his decision making is at times dreadful, and if he can't grow out of that, he's a 20int season away from a lifetime with a clipboard.

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3-Margus Hunt, defensive end SMU

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Margus Hunt, DE SMU

Hunt has been one of my personal favorite prospects since the start of the college football season. His story, his measureables, and his epic performances have made him a legend. And it pains me to even include him on this list. But for everything that he can do, there's a real chance he'll never learn the subtle parts of playing defensive line in the NFL. If he can the sky is the limit. He could be the most physically imposing player in the league. But he may get into the league and just flat can't play.

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2-Manti Te'o, linebacker Notre Dame

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Manti Te'o, LB Notre Dame

I include Te'o on this list more for the bust factor than boom. I do believe that Te'o can be an excellent 2 down linebacker, especially inside in a 3-4 defense. Best case scenario he could certainly have a James Farrior type of career, but on the other end of it, there's always a chance that the player we saw in the BCS title game shows his face too often, lost and overmatched and he struggles to stay on the field. There is also a real possibility that all his off-field drama lingers with him, he can't earn the trust of his teammates and becomes a sort of middle of the road player.

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1-Tavon Austin, wide receiver West Virginia

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Tavon Austin, WR West Virginia

There is just something in my gut that isn't right when I think about Austin. I've watched him play and I understand just how explosive and dynamic a receiver he is. I understand he has world class speed and has shown he can beat teams multiple ways. And if all that translates to the NFL he'll be one of the top threats in the league in no time. But if he can't find spots to get open against more physical and athletic defenders, and if his lack of size becomes an issue, he could end up more of a change of pace than a game changer.