Jerry Jones Has Message for Tony Romo

By Jesus Flores
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Think you have Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones backed into a corner? Think again.

The Cowboys are in a sticky situation, and must work quickly and diligently to get under the salary cap before the start of free agency on March 12. The Cowboys are currently about $20 million over the salary cap.

The team’s biggest cap-hit is quarterback Tony Romo, who is owed an $11.5 million base salary, and who will count for $16.8 million against the cap. The Cowboys –specifically Jones – want to lower Romo’s cap number, which could be done if he agreed to a new, long-term contract.

However, Romo’s camp isn’t in any hurry to get a long-term deal done before March 12. I said that maybe, just maybe Romo isn’t willing to come to terms on a new contract unless there’s a concerted effort from Jones that the play and talent of the offensive line will improve.

However, Jones said that during the informal talks with Romo, he hasn’t sought reassurance from the team that the offensive line will be improved.

Feeling the heat from the approaching March 12 deadline, Jones said the team could get under the cap with Romo extended or not.

“It’s not necessarily you have to have Romo done before you make these other decisions,” Jones said.  “It’s not necessarily so. It is what you want to do, but it’s not what you have to do. It’s not all one in the same, but immediately for the March 12 time, we don’t have to have any one (player) signed or redone.”

I think Jerry just sent the message that if Romo and his camp don’t get off of their rear ends soon, Jones is willing to move forward without Romo.

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