Kansas City Chiefs: Pros and Cons of Geno Smith

By Damon Salvadore
Rich Barnes-US Presswire

So much is still unanswered for the Kansas City Chiefs and the quarterback position for 2013. Recent reports have Alex Smith as a very likely possibility as next year’s starter. The most popular quarterback in this year’s draft in April is Geno Smith from West Virginia. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of drafting Smith No. 1 overall.

Let’s begin with the pros first shall we?

Geno Smith’s numbers speak for themselves. He played three full seasons at West Virginia and racked up 98 touchdowns to just 21 interceptions. The most interceptions he threw in a season was seven! Absolutely a fantasy football player’s dream. His senior season was clearly his best as he threw 42 touchdowns and only six interceptions. And we all know the senior year matters most to scouts and general managers, ask Robert Griffin III and Dan Marino. Smith’s career passer rating is an outstanding 153.5.

Smith has put together some excellent games as a Mountaineer that the Chiefs front office should look at again. His best performance came junior year at the 2012 Orange Bowl. He led the Mountaineers to a 70-33 victory over the Clemson Tigers. Smith was flawless with six touchdowns and zero turnovers. His performance against Baylor his senior year with eight touchdowns, zero interceptions and 656 yards may have been the best of the season. Aside from notable games and deep threat ability, Smith is also 6’2 218 pounds. He won’t have trouble seeing over the offensive line.

If drafted No.1 overall by the Chiefs, Smith would probably cost about four to five million dollars per season. That’s a lot less than Alex Smith’s nine million dollar contract.

Then there’s the cons.

Geno Smith played in the Big 12. Now that’s not to say he can’t play, but let’s face it. The biggest and best talent in college football lies within the SEC. Smith didn’t vs. the same competition that other all time greats did. In 2010 Geno Smith faced just one ranked team, and lost against the LSU Tigers. In 2011 he improved and was 1-2 against ranked teams beating Cincinnati and Clemson, however neither of those teams are power houses. In 2012 he was 1-2 against teams that finished the season ranked, but he got the biggest win of his career. Smith is also not a very good runner. Smith beat No. 9 ranked Texas with a four touchdown, flawless day against the Texas Longhorns. Unfortunately that is his only victory over a top 10 ranked team and he is 3-4 against teams that finish the season ranked.

The Chiefs need to weigh the pros and cons when making this decision. It would be a good financial decision and better off than trading for Alex Smith. However Smith is unproven against the best teams and he isn’t the best running quarterback. Maybe it’s just time for the Chiefs to just take a chance and go for it.

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