NFL Rumors: How Long Will Dallas Cowboys Sign Tony Romo For?

By Ben Grimaldi


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo haven’t started serious negotiations on a contract extension yet but all indications are that both sides will get a deal done. The biggest questions seem to be about how much money and how long the contract will be for? If the reports from Todd Archer from are correct, the length on Romo’s new deal will be six years.

If the new deal gets done and Archer is right, Romo will be 39-years old when the contract expires. Of course, as Archer points out, these deals always seem to have a funny way of evening themselves out and the final years of the contract may never be seen but we’ll have to wait to find out.

The deal would be good for the Cowboys and Romo because it would give the team more time with an established NFL quarterback and it would also free up money for the Cowboys to play with in free agency in the next few years. Without a new deal, the Cowboys wouldn’t be able to spend much money in free agency and he could hit the free agent market, leaving the Cowboys without a true starter at quarterback in the immediate future.

Tony Romo has been a very good quarterback for the Cowboys and signing him to an extension makes sense but only if they build the team around him. The team needs to upgrade the offensive line because even though Romo still moves well, his athleticism won’t last forever and Jones can’t expect Romo to continue to escape sacks the way he has in the past few years.

It looks as though the Cowboys and Romo will likely come to an agreement on a new contract this off-season and it should keep Romo in Dallas for the remainder of his career.

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