The Chicago Bears should replace Devin Hester with Denard Robinson

By Matt Gabrielson
Denard Robinson
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is being heavily discussed whether the Chicago Bears will bring back Devin Hester or not for the 2013 NFL season. The Bears may be able to replace Hester by going to the same place that they found him: the NFL Draft.

There are several promising players in this year’s draft that could be very special kick returners for their prospective teams. There may be no player with that certain x-factor on the field quite like former University of Michigan quarterback turned wide receiver Denard Robinson.

Robinson most likely will not be drafted until the later rounds of the draft because he will be entering the NFL as a wide receiver. Having played quarterback for the majority of his time at Michigan, he will have to continue to learn a new position. But what could draw heavy attention to him is how dangerous he can be in the open field with the ball in his hands.

Robinson was the ultimate dual threat quarterback his first three seasons at Michigan, creating many exciting plays passing and running the ball. The Big Ten had a very difficult time trying to figure out exactly what he was going to do at any given time. Just when you think he was going to pass, he would tuck the ball and run down the field or he would begin to show run and drop back to find an open receiver, the result of his tremendous play fake ability.

He is so dangerous when he gets out into the open field with the ball in his hand. He ran a 4.43 40 yard dash at the NFL draft combine, which is very fast, but not the fastest by a wide receiver invited to the combine. The film doesn’t lie, but when Robinson runs with the ball, he is so incredibly fast, has great agility and tremendous vision.

These special abilities all make for an incredible kick returner. Watching him run actually looks more like a kick return rather than just running with the ball. He has a special ability to see an opening before it is even there, something that a game changing kick returner must have.

The thought of all these skills coming together in one player has to have potential NFL teams seriously considering the former Michigan quarterback.

The Bears will need to find a new kick returner if they do in fact ether trade or release Hester. With Johnny Knox retired due to his injury and no more Hester in the fold, the Bears’ best option at returner will be Eric Weems. Weems is a solid returner, but I do not feel he brings that special x-factor that Hester once brought and that Robinson can bring to the fold.

There was once a time when Bears fans stood and got very excited to see Hester just trotting onto the field to return a kick. Don’t you miss those days, Bears fans? Those days will be coming once again if the Bears decide to pull the trigger late in the draft and bring in the man whose nickname is “Shoelace”: Denard Robinson.

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