Trading For New England Patriots Quarterback Ryan Mallett Would Make Sense For Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi
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As I stated yesterday, the NFL Combine is more than a place for scouts to look at future prospects. It’s also a place where agents go to meet with teams over soon-to-be free agents, which is against the rules, but only technically speaking. It’s also a place where trade talks can heat up because all 32 general managers are in the same place at the same time, so don’t be surprised if you hear more rumblings of trades other than the one for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Apparently, one of the hottest rumors out there involves the Dallas Cowboys talking to the New England Patriots about obtaining quarterback Ryan Mallett. Fellow writer Jeric Griffin brought that possibility up earlier today.

The Dallas Cowboys should make this deal. Mallett has a cannon for an arm, can make all the throws, and gives the team a young quarterback to develop behind Tony Romo and Kyle Orton. It would pressure Romo’s camp into deciding what to do over a contract sooner than they wanted, and may help the Cowboys extend Romo for less money. Or maybe the Cowboys let Romo play his contract out this season and then turn to Mallett, which will free up plenty of cap dollars for the team in future years.

I’ve been on record as saying the Cowboys need to draft a young quarterback in this draft, so why not just trade for one that’s got a little experience already? Mallett’s learned by watching Tom Brady, and has gotten coaching from Bill Belichick, so taking a chance on Mallett maybe a better idea than drafting a quarterback in this draft, where there’s no sure thing.

Of course, I have no idea what the price would be to get Mallett from the Patriots, but a third round pick seems about right. If they were going to use a pick for a quarterback anyway, it’s not like they’re wasting it. Perhaps the teams get creative and swap Miles Austin for Mallett? The idea intrigues me, and it would be a wise move for the Cowboys.

You can never have enough quarterback talent, and making a move for Ryan Mallett makes sense for the Dallas Cowboys.

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