Chicago Bears LT, J'Marcus Webb Arrested for Marijuana

By Dale Casler
Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears big man LT, J’Marcus Webb was arrested for marijuana on Sunday in Pulaski county. This explains where all the Taco Bell and McDonald‘s tweets and Facebook status updates come from!

In a public world, this is funny to me because the guy throws himself out there. Webb isn’t the only athlete with a social media presence. But when you’re already in the spotlight and you’re not very good, hilarity will ensue if your tweets go as following….

“What, McDonald’s has a new sandwich?”

“I’m about to go to McDonald’s for a quick snack!”

It’s gets even funnier when you get locked up for marijuana possession.

As a Bears fan, I want the best left tackle. I don’t have anything against the Taco Bell-eating Webb. I think he has a chance to get better, but getting locked up is not helping his situation. I think he needs to get the heck off of Twitter, Facebook, and the pot!

Every Monday, J’Marcus asks the question, “what’s in your fridge” for his “Mofo” Monday status update on Facebook. Or something like that.

He sells shirts entitled “JWEBB Nation”. This guy is putting all of his energy into everything but football, it appears. And if he’s not, he sure as heck isn’t tweeting about how hard practice can be.

Fans don’t want this crap, JWebb! We want you to not get our quarterback, Jay Cutler, killed! We want you to keep your shoes tied! Can you joke around? Sure!  But when you suck at your job and then you get arrested for pot, the jokes on you, big man!

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