Kansas City Chiefs Set to Finalize Trade for Alex Smith

By Curt Popejoy
Alex Smith
(Kelley L. Cox/USA Today Sports)

Earlier in the week is was reported that the San Francisco 49ers had a trade in principal completed that would send quarterback Alex Smith to a team that was as of that time unnamed. It was largely speculated that Smith’s most likely destination were the Kansas City Chiefs, and terms of the potential trade were rumored. But then something happened.

When other NFL teams realized a trade was in the works, they chose to reach out to the 49ers about acquiring Smith as well. Once the 49ers realized there was such a market for the veteran quarterback, it almost certainly drove up the price. And so at this point as Jay Glazer is reporting, the trade that is finished and will send Smith to the Chiefs and include not 1, but 2 Chiefs 2nd round picks. This year and next year.

Now understand that this trade won’t be official until the actual start of NFL free agency on March 15th, but everyone understands that these sorts of deals are set up and teams simply get all the signatures once it’s acceptable to do so. For all intents and purposes Smith is a Chief and the 49ers have some significant draft picks to work with.

My Take-For the Chiefs, I understand that they need a quarterback in the worst way. But if it really ends up being 2 2nd round picks, this screams of desperation. I’m not sure Smith is the quarterback everyone saw in 2011 in the playoffs or the one who got benched in 2012. He’s a nice player, and perhaps head coach Andy Reid has plans for how to maximize his talent. I’m just not sure there is a whole lot more a team can get out of Smith at this point. And even if the Chiefs wanted to, without a 2nd round pick, they can’t really even draft a potential young replacement.

For the 49ers they did very well. Having 2 picks in top 34 like this gives them tremendous flexibility. They don’t have any significant needs, but could draft 2 very good football players, perhaps a defensive tackle and safety with those selections. Or, if there is a player they covet who starts to slid in the first round, those 2 picks would be more than enough ammo to move up into the middle of the first and draft them.

I can’t help but wonder if this time next year we aren’t talking about which college quarterback the Chiefs may draft. This sort of trade is one that can really set back a franchise if it’s not handled correctly and with the needs the Chiefs have in addition to quarterback, they must be smart with the picks they have remaining.

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