San Francisco 49ers Could Be the Front-runners to Acquire New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis

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Darrelle Revis New York Jets CB
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After reportedly agreeing to terms on a trade to send quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Francisco 49ers are now sitting pretty with an NFL-high 15 selections in the 2013 NFL Draft this April.

The 49ers are said to have acquired the Chiefs’ high second-round draft pick in this upcoming draft, which gives the 49ers a staggering five of the first 93 picks of the draft, including picks 31, 34 and 61 overall.

I’m not the only New York Jets fan out there who heard about the Smith trade and immediately thought about the domino effect that could follow, especially when it pertains to embattled star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The game of chicken between Revis and the Jets has gotten tiresome, to say the least, but there didn’t seem to be a resolution in sight until the 49ers cleared valuable cap space in the impending Smith trade.

Now, with the ammo the 49ers have, in the form of high draft picks and the willingness to make a bold move, they have to be considered the front-runners to reach a deal with the Jets to take Revis off their hands.

It’s not a particularly fun spot for the Jets to be in, as they’re forced to weigh the pros and cons of potentially trading the best player in franchise history, and one of the best players in all of football.

However, the headache of trying to please a player who can’t go three years between asking for a raise is enough for the Jets to seriously consider moving him with one year left on his contract.

If the 49ers want Revis, they have the assets to outbid everyone and give the Jets fair value for Revis.

After the way their secondary was torched in the postseason, they’d be crazy not to consider it.

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