NFL Releases Statement Regarding the Nick Kasa "Do You Like Girls" Question During Combine

By David LaRose
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is one of the biggest off-season events on the NFL calendar. It’s a chance for teams to get an up-close look at potential players they want to draft, and it’s an opportunity for them to get to know the players on a personal level.

However, it seems that the teams are trying to get a little too personal with the questions they are asking during the Combine interviews. Just ask Colorado tight end Nick Kasa about the personal level of questions that NFL teams are now asking, even if he came out and said that the teams were joking with the question.

In light of the Kasa question the NFL released a statement regarding their interview policies. CBS’ NFL insider Mike Freeman tweeted out their statement earlier today.




Freeman goes on to say that the CBA prohibits discrimination against any player including on the basis of sexual orientation.

The NFL is doing the proper thing here by releasing the statement, but how effective will it really be? They basically have to cover their tracks and make it clear that they won’t tolerate the type of question asked to Kasa, and reportedly other players including Denard Robinson, but how can they effectively police that rule?

Would they have to have an NFL representative sitting in on each individual interview? That seems completely impractical, seeing that almost every player invited to the Combine usually interviews with at least 15 of the 32 teams.

There’s just too much ground to cover if they try an implement something like that. It seems that the only way a team gets caught asking those type of questions is if someone rats them out.

Kasa didn’t single out the team that asked him the personal question, but I’m sure that most teams have a question similar to what Kasa was asked during their interview process.

A statement from the NFL was necessary with all the articles and angles that were written after Kasa’s interview. They needed to clear the air, but will it actually be beneficial moving forward?


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