Tom Brady: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

By andRe Christos Helios
Mark J. Rebllas USA TODAY Sports

So New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, was generous enough to spend more cheese on Tom Brady for another three years? That’s reasonable. I wouldn’t have gone more than five years, either. In having saying that, what does this contract extension mean for the Golden Boy?

This means one thing: Brady has three years to win another Super Bowl. No one cares whether or not the Patriots are the AFC East juggernauts anymore.  In addition, winning the AFC championship is no longer satisfactory. New England Patriots’ fans want another Super Bowl.

Besides, Brady is aging. In three years, he will be 39. Okay, so he has a hot wife and he plays for one of the best teams in the NFL. Fine. I get that part. But what sense is there in playing for the number one offense, going to the Super Bowl, and not win the Lombardi Trophy again before retiring?

The clock is ticking for Brady. This is it! Right here, right now! He has three years to win at least one more Lombardi Trophy. When he retires, he will always be remembered as a great quarterback; his name speaks for itself. But something is not right when you’re Tom Brady and you’re playing for New England and you don’t win at least one more Super Bowl before retiring.

If he wins two more, that will be even better. He can share a table with Joe Montana in the quarterback pantheon of five Lombardi Trophies. In any event, he must win another Super Bowl. I will confidently say that this contract extension signifies Brady’s final years in the NFL.  In having said that, expect Brady & Co. to return to the Super Bowl for the next three years and possibly, winning all three.

Just remember, I said it first.


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